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Our Fluidic Flowmeter products possess unique capabilities. By utilizing fluidic principles, they thrive on requirements that cannot be served effectively by other flow technologies. Typical service conditions that favor their application include:

  • High viscosity fluids
  • Low flow rates
  • Laminar (non-turbulent) flow
  • Non-lubricating fluids
  • Cryogenics (LN2, LCO2)
  • Vibration conditions

Model 140MX Flowmeter

Application Indicators

  • High Viscosity Fluids
  • Tight Piping Run Constraints
  • Lowest Flow Rates

Model 140MX Spec and Data Sheet Download
444 kB



Model 141 Flowmeter

Application Indicators

  • Highest Turn Down
  • High Accuracy Requirements
  • Larger Line Sizes

Model 141 Spec and Data Sheet Download
632 kB


Please click below for our Microwave Data Sheet.

Fluidic Flowmeters Microwave Switch
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